Drew Cheskin University of Miami : Build a Resume like Drew Cheskin University of Miami


Generally, many students make mistakes while building a resume, whether for university admission or job application purposes. The main reason for those mistakes is not having appropriate knowledge about how an ideal resume looks like. Though students can refer to resume formats and compositions on the Internet, it is difficult to find a precise and impactful one. If students still do not have an idea about building a resume, the best option for them is to follow the resume structure of someone like Drew Cheskin University of Miami.

Drew Cheskin is a student at the University of Miami, B.S. Communication. The resume format and the composition of Drew Cheskin University of Miami are impactful for both university admission and job application purposes. He has finely distinguished all the necessary details in his resume.

If you also need an impactful resume, just follow the structure from Drew Cheskin's resume in the following way:

  1. Begin with experience: Drew Cheskin University of Miami has started his resume with his experience in different fields during his educational period. For example, Drew Cheskin helped organize a two-week blood donation camp in association with OneBlood and a UMPD Sergeant and collected blood plasma and platelets for the patients in need. Hence, you can also add such experience that has benefitted others.
  2. Continue with other projects: While describing his experience, Drew Cheskin University of Miami has added other projects in his resume. For instance, he has mentored children for a musical play at the Shake A Leg Miami. He further added details about the counseling services he rendered at the Miami's Children Theatre and more. So, it would be good for you too, if you could add some projects where you mentored or managed others.
  3. Education details: Generally, students often commit mistakes while mentioning their educational background and details. But Drew Cheskin has mentioned this information in the right place. So, just like Drew Cheskin, mention your education details in reverse chronology, starting with your current education background.
  4. Extra-curricular: Some people prefer to add extra-curricular activities to their resume, while others do not. But Drew Cheskin University of Miami has added this to made his resume provide important information. For example, he added script writing and acting as an extra-curricular activity.
  5. Skills: Just like Drew Cheskin's resume, add your skills at the right place in your resume so that they become convenient for the interviewer to see and know more about you.

If you want more information about the same, visit the website of Drew Cheskin now.

Original Reference: https://bit.ly/3fZWHa4